Sloane & Ashton

My babies. My most precious beings. My life.

Sloane is four-and-a-half-going-on-19. She is smart, independent, sassy, kind, and basically a mini version of me. Born via emergency c-section after 21 hours of full pitocin and 0 (yep – nada, nil, zilch) centimetres of dilation came my beautiful 9 pound, 10 ounce baby. She was stubborn and fierce, and to this day, remains that way.1457516_10151948291602560_1655930666_n

Ashton is two and a few months. He is sweet, hug-gy, and a full-blown ginger. He is Mama’s boy through and through – and does not take no for an answer. Ever (so stubborn!). Ashton was born typical until he was exactly three months old when we saw the first seizure (on Mother’s Day to boot). But this site isn’t about that. I have written extensively about Ashton and the struggles our little man goes through, daily. Long story short – over a year later – we finally have a diagnosis for our little man. And it is not pretty. Dravet Syndrome. A scary, scary diagnosis that keeps us awake and on our toes every. single. night.


This site began as a project in a class I am taking. The task was to create a resource guide for a diverse population. I could have chosen any population I wanted but what I really wanted to do was connect with what I know. Connect where I KNOW there are gaps.

This site is dedicated to Sloane – and other siblings like Sloane – who experience what it’s like to have a sibling with complex medical needs.